Inner World Trainings

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          March 27, 2024  1:00-3:00 est   Online                  

          April 4, 2024     1:00-3:00 est     Online

         April 24, 2024     1:00-3:00 est     Online

      May 13-17, 2024  In Person  Woodstock, GA

          June 7-9, 2024     In Person     Woodstock, GA

Internal Family Systems (IFS) and the Inner World

Internal Family Systems is one of the fastest growing, evidence-based psychotherapy models available for the treatment of psychological distress, enhanced personal growth, and spiritual practice. Developed by Richard Schwartz in the 1980’s, IFS is a highly intuitive, non-pathologizing, transformative practice though which we come into right relationship with parts of us who hold past hurts, survival strategies, and wonderful gifts. As we care for the various parts of our being, we are better able to access our clear, courageous, and compassionate deep intuitive knowing. 

Though not the first model to identify the presence of “parts” nor the first practice to work with “Self” or the healing of “unburdening,” IFS has offered a robust pathway for identifying parts of ourselves, coming into relationship with them, and offering healing connection. As such, it is the starting place of our exploration into the Inner World.  Concrescence credits and honors the work of Dick Schwartz and the IFS Institute.  The various learning opportunities offered here seek to bridge the gap in the availability of learning and practicing the IFS model as well as refining an understanding of the dynamics of the inner world through the lens of energy flow and structure. The shift in the underlying philosophy of the inner world is a necessary clarification and expansion as we develop and apply our practices to consciousness medicines and healing. 

The Inner World material is the starting point for all Concrescence programs. 

*The Concrescence Institute recognizes that the IFS Institute is the ideal organizations for learning the IFS model of psychotherapy.  However, we also recognize that gaining admission into a level 1 is currently very challenging. Our IFS Fundamentals Workshop series is intended to support the learning of this transformative model as a foundational base for further additional learning at CI. We do not consider the Fundamental Workshop series to be an identical replacement of IFSI Level 1.



Beginning Level:

Fundamentals of the Inner World

IFS Institute Level 1

Stepping Stones (IFSCA) or other program with triad practice