Mediated Access: Between Direct Access and InSight



Mediated Access: Between InSight and Direct Access workshop is an intermediate level exploration three forms of access in the IFS process. The standard forms of access—InSight and Direct Access—are established means of working with parts as taught in Level 1. This workshop will introduce Mediated Assess as an additional means of connecting with parts in the presence of Self energy. We will first review the process and steps of Direct Access and when to utilize this technique. InSight is the preferred route of working in IFS with the primary connection being between the Self energy and part of the client. Direct Access is often the option available when the part of the client is too highly blended to allow for the primary relationship between Self and part to be available. Mediated Access is a third option that allows for a partially blended part to communicate directly with the Self energy of the clinician while also feeling a direct connection with the client’s Self energy. This technique is highly valuable for parts who are seeking safe connection with an external person while also experiencing the presence of the clients Self energy. This workshop will include an IFS meditation, didactic learning, and practice exercise.


Learning Objectives

Describe the process of choosing when to use Direct Access

Clarify the steps of establishing Direct Access.

Identify when to choose Mediated Access as the route of clinician to part connection.



1:00-1:15        Welcome and Opening Meditation

1:15-2:00        Direct Access

2:00-2:30        Mediated Access

2:30-2:50        Practice Exercise

2:50-3:00        Closing Q&A


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