Ketamine-enhanced Internal Family Systems (K-IFS) Clinician Trainings

Upcoming Trainings:

          June 7-9, 2024  In Person  Woodstock, GA

About the Ketamine-enhanced IFS Clinician Trainings

The use of ketamine as treatment for depression, suicidality, PTSD, and chronic pain is booming and sits at the forefront of altered state assisted psychotherapy. However, there is a lack of clinicians who are able to guide patients through this process to make lasting change in their life. This training blends ketamine assisted psychotherapy (KAP) with Internal Family Systems (IFS) to provide clinicians with a map to support clients and patients through altered consciousness therapy.

These Ketamine enhanced Internal Family Systems (K-IFS) training retreats and workshops will instruct clinicians in K-IFS specific preparation for medicine work, therapeutic support, anchoring, and integrated embodiment. During this experience, participants will learn the basics of IFS, translate the IFS paradigm from ordinary consciousness into a map for medicine work, gain a foundational understanding of ketamine as a supportive medicine for psychological exploration, and practice facilitating ketamine enhanced IFS sessions, as well as dive into the medicine to support your own internal processing. Participants will also learn about the ethics of altered consciousness psychotherapy and best practices for set, setting, and integration.

Just as all of your internal parts are welcome, all levels of IFS learners are welcome. For those who are new to IFS, we will cover the basics and begin the journey into this world-opening therapeutic lens. For those who are experienced in IFS, we will hone your skills as you shift from the application of IFS in ordinary consciousness into expanded consciousness. Ketamine enhanced IFS offers an opportunity to journey into the world of your parts and visit them in their internal home–as distinct from inviting them to come to the surface of conscious awareness in IFS sessions. This exploration into the inner world can profoundly shift your capacity to navigate non-medicine IFS work.

Upcoming K-IFS Trainings

June 7-9, 2024: Woodstock, GA

Learning Objectives

Learn the fundamental components and trajectory of the Internal Family Systems model.

Identify features of IFS that pair well with altered states of consciousness therapy.

Discover the history and applicability of ketamine for mental health care.

Determine when ketamine treatment or ketamine assisted psychotherapy is an appropriate referral or addition to treatment.

Articulate trajectory of the ketamine experience.

Assess readiness for ketamine therapy and how to maximize its benefits.

Deepen your capacity to support your clients through their ketamine experience.

Develop skills for altered state therapy.

Discuss the role of ethics, consent and building a strong therapeutic alliance in the context of altered consciousness therapy.

Trainer: Jennifer Baldwin, PhD, LPC, CIFST

Jennifer is a certified IFS therapist in private practice. She completed her initial IFS training in 2009, was certified in 2016, and has trained directly with Dick Schwartz multiple times. In addition to IFS, she is trained in Somatic Experiencing (SEP), EMDR, heart rate variability, neurofeedback, applied shamanism, sound therapies, breathwork, and multiple movement practices. Jennifer completed her clinical training while in the midst of her doctoral work in Systematic Theology with an emphasis in Religion and Science. She was ordained in 2007, completed her doctorate in 2013, and has published five edited volumes and two monographs. She was trained in ketamine assisted psychotherapy in 2019 and MAPS MDMA assisted psychotherapy in 2021. She has facilitated hundreds of ketamine enhanced IFS sessions since 2019, honing and refining protocols on the intersection of IFS and KAP. While between writing projects, she is developing a “blueprint” for integrative trauma care that actively accounts for alterations or expansions of consciousness, including trauma-related (Frewen & Lanius) and safety-dependent.


                                                       Day 1

10:00-11:15   Introductions, Opening Meditation, Sharing of Meditation

11:15-11:30   Break

11:30-1:00     Fundamentals of Ketamine, Limbic System as Map

1:00-2:00       Lunch

2:00-3:30       Key Skills 1&2 with Experiential Practice—1) Parts and Activation Map; 2) Embodied Self Energy

3:30-3:45       Break

3:45-6:00       Key Skills 3&4 with Experiential Practice—3) Archeology of the Inner World;  4) Embodying and Somatically Communicating Therapeutic Presence

                                                     Day 2

10:00-11:15   Check in, Question and Answer from Day 1; Arc of Ketamine Session

11:15-11:30   Break

11:30-1:00     Arc of Ketamine Session continued; Key Skills 5 with Experiential Practice—5) Unblending

1:00-2:00       Lunch

2:00-5:30       KIFS Experiential 2 Tracks—Track 1) KIFS Demo; Track 2) Facilitated Dyad Experience for those who choose and are medically cleared and approved

3:00-3:15ish   Break taken between Pre-dosing IFS session and start of medicine phase.

5:30-6:00        Closing Circle

                                                       Day 3

10:00-1:30     KIFS Experiential 2 Tracks—Track 1) KIFS Demo; Track 2) Facilitated Dyad Experience for those who choose and are medically cleared and approved

11:15-11:30   Break taken between Pre-dosing IFS session and start of medicine phase.

1:30-2:30       Lunch

2:30-4:00       Integration sharing circle

4:00-4:15       Break

4:15-6:00       Question and Answer with Physician; Concluding discussion, reflections, questions; Closing Meditation