Consciousness Medicine Trainings

Upcoming Workshops:

          Sept 1-7, 2024     Woodstock, GA

About Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy and Consciousness Medicine Practices

Psychedelic assisted psychotherapy is a breakthrough and emerging  practice for the care of trauma and persistent distress and suffering.  Currently, ketamine is the only legal consciousness medicine in the United States. MDMA is on course to becoming legally available for treatment of PTSD in 2024. Psilocybin, or mushrooms, are under research investigation to become available (outside of Oregon) sometime after 2025. 

Consciousness medicines, aka. psychedelics, can open space for profound and transformative healing of deeply entrenched patterns. However, the medicine itself is not the curing agent; it simply opens a door to address and heal the underlying roots of suffering. To maximize the benefit of consciousness medicines and practices, he right medicine needs to paired with the right therapeutic or spiritual practice for suffering and burdens to be transformed into clarity and gifts.

Consciousness medicine psychotherapy is a specialized and sacred healing practice.

Therapists can currently support ketamine therapy and offer integration services for experiences that occurred outside of therapist supervision. 

Beginning Courses:

Fundamentals of the Inner World

3 Day Ketamine enhanced IFS Workshop ** (includes medicine experience or demo)

**Participants will gain added benefit if you are familiar with the Inner World or IFS

Intermediate Courses:

InSight as a Form of Consciousness Healing: A practice for Preparation and Integration