Multi-Axial Therapy (MAT.TRR)

Trauma Resolution and Resiliency

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What is Multi-Axial Therapy (MAT.TRR)?

MAT.TRR  is a framework for integrating and navigating the leading trauma healing models and practices. Drawing on IFS, Polyvagal Theory, Process Philosophy, Somatic Psychotherapy practices, and Spiritual and Shamanic traditions, MATTRR offers a roadmap for where trauma becomes lodged in the body and larger psycho-spiritual being and various practices to bring healing to the particular burden or rupture. Rooted in the neuroscientific architecture of the limbic system and holistic physiology, MAT.TRR explores the dimensions of lifespan, physiology, and consciousness to provide an expansive understanding of the human being as a relational, spiritual, physical organism.

MAT.TRR receives wisdom from the most effective trauma healing models in contemporary psychotherapy, identifies underlying commonalities, and highlights what each model does most effectively to heal a larger array of burdens. IFS stands at the heart of MAT.TRR in it’s awareness of the essential centering of Self-energy and a Self-led care provider. “Self-energy” in IFS corresponds to the vital lifeforce that is present in all living beings and is connected to our true and fully healed nature. “Self-led” acknowledges that we can be more or less aware and centered in Self-energy or, by contrast, in the leading of parts of us who hold and make choices through burdens or wounds. As clinicians or care providers, we are most effective, resilient, and in alignment when we do our work with increasing awareness of and leadership from our innate Self-energy. 

MAT.TRR centers in the IFS awareness and internal practices leading to more Self-leadership, roots in physiology, and explores a wide range of consciousness, physiology, and life span.  It provides seasoned trauma therapists with an overarching framework for integrating the advanced practices and certifications they have acquired over their career. It also seeks to provide newer trauma therapists with a streamlined exploration of the leading trauma care practices.

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