InSight as a Form of Consciousness Healing



InSight as a Form of Consciousness Healing workshop is an intermediate level exploration of InSight and variations of altered states of consciousness. While the term altered states of consciousness is most frequently connected with psychedelic therapy, there are many altered states of consciousness that are present in the fundamental practices of IFS. At its most basic articulation, altered states of consciousness include any mindset that varies from the day-to-day awareness that is present in our daily lives. Some altered states of consciousness arise from experiences of overwhelming threat and compose the features of PTSD symptoms.  Others arise from meditation practices that open up our connections to guides, ancestors, divine helpers. This workshop explores the connection between the fundamental practice of InSight as an altered consciousness practice that is the heart of IFS and allows us to access the Inner World for Self to part connections and healing. This workshop will include an IFS meditation, didactic learning, and practice exercise.


Learning Objectives

Define altered states of consciousness as distinct from normal waking consciousness.

Describe the relationship between altered states of consciousness in a context of safety and a context of healing and the parts that most commonly present themselves to Self in each context.

Explore InSight as practice of consciousness alteration.



1:00-1:15        Welcome and Opening Meditation

1:15-2:00        Didactic on States of Consciousness

2:00-2:30        Viewing InSight as a Consciousness Practice

2:30-2:50        Practice Exercise

2:50-3:00        Closing Q&A


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